Titebond GREENchoice 3251 Professional Radon Sealant, Case/12

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10.1 oz. Plastic Tube, 12/case

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3251 - Concrete Gray - 10.1 oz

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Titebond GREENchoice Professional RadonSealant
Concrete Gray Color

GREENchoice Professional RadonSealant is specifically designed to reduce the entry of radon. Itshould be used on foundation cracks, joints and penetrations, aroundfoundation coatings normally used for damp proofing, and membranessurrounding the foundation. It is an extremely flexible and durableproduct which allows for extension and compression of at least 25% with100% recovery. The mold and mildew resistant formula dries quickly andcan be painted within 2-4 hours of application.

GREENchoiceProfessional Radon Sealant is a VOC-compliant formula containing noozone-depleting chemicals, making it safer for you and the environment.It is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes and cleans up with water.

TypeAcrylic (non-reactive) Calculated VOC (less water)13.7 g/L (<2% wt.)
StateMedium-viscosity caulk Weight/gallon12.2 lbs.
ColorConcrete Gray Flash point> 200°F.
Solids80% Freeze/thaw stabilityStable
Viscosity550,000 cps Storage life12 months in tightly closed containers at 75°F.

Application temperatureAbove 40°F.
Service temperatures-20°F. to 150°F.
Method of applicationCartridge/caulking gun
Coverage (maximum)Approximate length of bead according to bead diameter:


1/4″ bead 3/8″ bead 1/2″ bead
10.1 oz. Cartridge 32 ft. 13.5 ft. 7.5 ft.

Working timeApprox. 10-15 minutes for a 1/4″ bead
Working surfacesSurfacesto be caulked should be clean, dry and free from excessive oil, grease,water, dirt or any other material that may deter adhesion.
CleanupClean tools and excess material with water while wet. Scrape dried excess.

Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours. Air, caulk and surface temperature should be above 40°F. GREENchoiceRadon Sealant should be dry to the touch and ready to paint in 2-4hours. It is not designed for continuous submersion or use below thewaterline. According to the EPA, sealants can help limit the entry ofradon through the foundation. It is also recommended that aprofessionally installed radon mitigation or fan based system be used in conjunction with this sealant.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm