Titebond 7301 Painters Caulk – Latex

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10.1 oz. Plastic Tube, 12/case

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7301 - White - 10.1 oz.

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Titebond Painters Caulk
Available in White

Titebond Painters Caulk is an economical,easy-to-use latex caulk that is formulated for interior and exteriorpre-paint preparation. It offers good weather-resistance and provides astrong bond to most common building materials, including wood, metal,glass, masonry, aluminum and brick. It can be used for sealing joints,repairing cracks and backfilling gaps.

Titebond Painters isde-aired for a smooth, uniform bead that extrudes and tools easily. Itcan be painted or stained with one coat and will not bleed through thepaint. Titebond Painters is a non-stringing formula that won’t sag ordrool and it has excellent bead cut-off. It also cleans up with waterwhen wet.

Type Latex (non-reactive) Weight/gallon 13.8 lbs.
State Medium-viscosity caulk Flashpoint >200°F.
Color White Freeze/thaw stability Stable
Solids 82% Viscosity 550,000 cps
Calculated VOC (less water): 10 g/L (<2% wt.) Storage life 12 months in tightly closed containers at 75°F.

Application temperature Above 40°F.
Service temperatures-20°F. to 150°F.
Method of application Cartridge/caulking gun
Coverage (maximum) Approximate length of bead according to bead diameter:


1/4″ bead 3/8″ bead 1/2″ bead
9.8 oz. Cartridge 32 ft. 13.5 ft. 7.5 ft.

Working time Approx. 10-15 minutes for 1/4” bead
Working surfaces Surfacesto be caulked should be clean, dry and free from excessive oil, grease,water, dirt or any other material that may deter adhesion.
Cleanup Clean tools and excess material with water while wet. Scrape dried excess.

Titebond Painters Caulk should be dry tothe touch and ready to paint in 2-4 hours. It is not designed forcontinuous submersion or use below the waterline.

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