Sprayon S00710000 Waxy Film Lubricant LU710 Aerosol, 16-oz. Cans, Case/12

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SKU: SC0710000


Sprayon S00710000 Waxy Film Lubricant LU710 Aerosol, 16-oz. Cans, Case/12
Item # S00710000
  • Penetrant/demoisturant/ rust preventative
  • Economical long-term outdoor rust inhibitor
  • Protects against corrosion for up to two years under severe conditions (weather, salt water)
  • Heavy, waxy film
  • Can be removed with mineral spirits
Sprayon® LU710 Waxy Film Protectant Aerosol is a high-solids, waxy film, corrosion preventative compound suitable for a wide range of applications. Its formula provides long term protection of all metal surfaces, including vehicle underbody & enclosed, boxed, seam, joint & other crevice locations susceptible to corrosion. Passes Salt Spray ASTM B-117 1,000 Hours and Humidity Testing ASTM D-1748 @ 120°F.

  • Meets Post Office Spec VB-65-1
  • Passes Salt Spray ASTM B-117 1,000 Hours
  • Passes Humidity Testing ASTM D-1748 @ 120°F

Uses:  Chemical plant valves, industrial machinery/equipment, steel mills, offshore oil rigs, overseas shipments, cable cars, conveyor belts, lugnuts and more. 

% VOC = 0.5505%
Color = Amber
Consistency = Liquid
Contains P.T.F.E. = No
Corrosion Inhibitor = Pass
Dielectric Strength = 2000Volts
Film Type = Tacky Semi-Solid
Flammable = Yes
Flashpoint = <0°F
HMIS Rating = 2,4,0
Load Capacity = Medium Pressure
Plastic Safe = Yes
Propellant = Hydrocarbon
Protectant Longevity = 24 Months
Scent = Mild Solvent
Specific Gravity = 0.73
Temp High = 300°F
Temp Low = 0°F
Viscosity (Centistokes) = Medium

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Weight 14.75 lbs

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