Sprayon S00402000 Eco-Grade General Purpose Lubricant & Penetrant LU 402

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SKU: SC0402000


Sprayon® S00402000 Eco-Grade™ General Purpose Lubricant & Penetrant
Item # S00402000 LU 402

Sprayon® Eco-Grade™ Pure Excellence Products—
From extreme pressure lubricants to fast-acting cleaners and degreasers, New Sprayon® Eco-Grade™ products preserve and protect your equipment, facility, and your workforce to prevent costly damage and downtime. All Sprayon®Eco-Grade™ products offer formulas that are:

• Made with renewable, biodegradable resources
• VOC Compliant in all 50 states
• HMIS friendly with low odor and no Prop-65 ingredients

Sprayon® Eco-Grade™ General Purpose Lube & Penetrant is a biodegradable 3 &1 penetrant and lube that quickly penetrates and dissolves rust, gum and corrosion. Loosens stuck parts, lubricates and prevents rust and corrosion. It is formulated with renewable resource ingredients, which are friendly to workers and the environment.

• Release of rusted or frozen luge and bolts
• Lubrication of tight-fitting parts
• General overhaul
• Repair work
• Food plant equipment

Maximum performance is achieved when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale. Aerosol Application: Product should be sprayed in a well ventilated area. Sprays best at room temperature.
Shake well before using. Spray at a distance of 10” to 12” from surface.
• Penetrant
• Water-Displacer
• Rust Inhibitor
• Equipped with SPRAY ANYWAY™ valve
• Equipped with an extension tube for hard-to-reach areas

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm

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