Sprayon S00405000 Eco-Grade Paint and Adhesive Remover SP 405

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SKU: SC0405000


Sprayon® Eco-Grade™ Paint & Adhesive Remover

Item # S00405000      SP 405

Sprayon® SP™ 405 Eco-Grade™ Paint & Adhesive Remover is a next generation, environmentally safe, premium coating stripper formulated to remove multiple layers of oil and latex paints, but will also remove many other coatings like epoxies, urethanes, elastomeric and chlorinated rubber. Eco-Grade™ Paint & Adhesive Remover is designed without methylene chloride, MEK, or other harsh flammable chemicals. Has long dwell times and excellent ability to stick to vertical surfaces.

  • Made from Renewable Resources
  • Formulated with EPA DfE Certified Materials
  • Removes Coatings in Minutes
  • Long Working Dwell Times
  • Excellent Ability to Stick to Vertical Surfaces
  • Low Odor

• Removes lacquer, enamels, graffiti, varnish, shellac, baked on coatings, labels and decals
• Removes adhesives and backed-on gaskets
• Leaves surface ready to paint or decorate

For the easy and safe removal of coatings on a variety of substrates including wood, brick, stone, metal graphite, glass, brick, ceramic tile, concrete, and steel.

NOTE: S00405000 can be damaging to some plastics, fiberglass or synthetic materials. User accepts all responsibility for such use. Do not allow to dry on surface.

Use in well ventilated ares. Shake can for 1 minute. Protect surrounding areas from overspray. Wear rubber gloves, face and eye protection. Spray heavy coat with a steady back and forth motion keeping spray upright 8” to 10” from surface. Allow product to penetrate into paint finish or gasket cement. WATCH for the following: SOFTENING: Approximately 10 minutes. BLISTERING: Approximately 20-30 minutes. A second application might be necessary. When chemical action is complete, scrape off with flexible putty knife or squeegee. Rinse thoroughly with water wash. Allow surface to dry completely before applying a new finish. Prime coat metal as soon as possible to prevent rusting. for best results, use at room temperature (70°F – 90°F).

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Performance :Properties-

Appearance: LIGHT BROWN
Odor: MILD
Specific Gravity: 0.83
Percent VOC: 19
VOC Compliant (CA and OTC States): Y
Flash Point: >200
Flammable: Y
HMIS: 2,3,0
Fill Weight: 12
Size UOM: oz
Activities: >35
Can Type: Aerosol

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Weight 18 lbs

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