Sprayon S00404000 Eco-Grade Vandal Mark & Graffiti Remover SP 404

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SKU: SC0404000


Sprayon® Eco-Grade™ Vandal Mark & Graffiti Remover

Item # S00404000 SP 404

Sprayon® SP™ 404 Eco-Grade™ Vandal Mark & Graffiti Remover is a highly effective next generation, soy based vandal mark remover that replaces terpene or petrochemical based products. This bio-based graffiti remover is specially formulated to be environmentally sound, user friendly and contain natural, biodegradable ingredients that quickly and easily remove paint, ink, crayon, magic marker and adhesive residue.

  • Contains Natural, Biodegradable Ingredients
  • Formulated with EPA DfE Certified Materials
  • Quickly and Easily Removes Paint, Ink, Crayon, Magic Marker and Adhesive Residue
  • Sprays and Clings to Vertical Surfaces

• Penetrates and dissolves oil based stains quickly
• Removes paint, inks, crayon and many other marks
• Safe for use on most surfaces; no dangerous solvents

For the easy and safe removal of Vandal marks such as paint, ink, crayon, magic marker and scuff marks on a variety of substrates including wood, brick, stone, metal, graphite, and steel.

Use in well ventilated ares. Shake can for 1 minute. Protect surrounding areas from overspray. Wear rubber gloves, face and eye protection. Spray heavy coat with a steady back and forth motion keeping spray upright 8” to 10” from surface. Allow product to penetrate into paint finish or oil based stains. A second application may be necessary. When chemical action is complete agitate with a stiff bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly with water wash. Allow surface to dry completely
before applying a new finish. Prime coat metal as soon as possible to prevent rusting. for best results, use at room temperature (70°F – 90°F).

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Performance Properties-

Appearance: LIGHT BROWN
Specific Gravity: 0.83
Prop 65: N
SARA 313: N
Percent VOC: 23
VOC Compliant (CA and OTC States): Y
Flash Point: >237
Flammable: Y
HMIS: 2,3,0
Fill Weight: 12
Size UOM: oz
Activities: >35
Can Type: Aerosol

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm

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