Sprayon CD880 General Purpose Cleaner Liquisol S020880LQ 14 oz. Case/ 12

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SKU: SC0880LQ0


Sprayon CD880 General Purpose Cleaner Liquisol S020880LQ 14 oz. Case/ 12

Sprayon CD880 General Purpose Cleaner is an excellent cleaner for hard surfaces that are not ordinarily damaged by water. This streak proof formula cuts through dirt, grease, soil surface smears and finger marks with ease.

Uses: Countertops, finished wood, copy machines, windows, glass mirrors, vinyl, metal fixtures, chrome, glazed porcelain, leather, truck and car interiors, laminates, and spots on sythetic carpets.

– Works On All Surfaces
– VOC Compliant
– Removes Spots On Synthetic Carpets
– Streak Proof Formula

Sprayon Liqui-Sol is your Greenhouse Gas Freeoption for safety, storage and disposal. Preserve, Prevent and Protectyour equipment safely with Sprayon’s new and improved Liqui-Sol MRO chemicalprogram. Liqui-Sol eliminates expensive disposal costs, is 100%recyclable and is safe for work and plant environments. Liqui-Sol canscontain more “Net Fluid oz.” per can because they contain nopropellant. Thus, a slightly higher price per can due to more content.

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