Krylon Quik-Mark Solvent Base Inverted Marking Paint

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SKU: SB-Marking-17oz


Krylon Quik-Mark Solvent Base Inverted Marking Paint, – 17oz. Cans – Case/12 Cans
Krylon Quik-Mark Solvent Base Inverted Marking Paint APWA and Fluorescent colors are available, in a variety of sizes.
One-coat coverage and our Spray-Thru™ cap allow for inverted painting ease. Use on concrete, pavement, gravel, grass,
brick, asphalt, athletic fields, utility, excavation, ground surveying and construction marking.
Updated Part #s / Color
A03611007 APWA Red
A03621007 APWA Blue
A03631007 APWA Green
A03731007 APWA Bright Orange
A03821007 APWA High Visibility Yellow
A03823007 APWA Safety Yellow
A03900007 APWA Utility White

A03613007 Fluorescent Safety Red
A03614007 Fluorescent Neon Green
A03615007 Fluorescent Purple
A03622007 Fluorescent Hot Pink
AT3701007 Fluorescent Red/Orange
A03702007 Fluorescent Orange
A03722007 Fluorescent Blue


A03550007 Asphalt Black
A03600007 Clear
A03640007 Silver

Obsolete Part #s
S03611 A03611
S03621 A03621
S03631 A03631
S03731 A03731
S03821 A03821
S03823 A03823
S03900 A03900
S03613 A03613
S03614 A03614
S03615 A03615
S03622 A03622
AT3701 AT3701
S03702 A03702
S03722 A03722
S03550 A03550
S03600 A03600
S03640 A03640

  • Fast-drying, high-solids formula penetrates and adheres to hot surfaces
  • VOC compliant, free-of-lead hazards
  • Convenient Spray-Thru™ cap and non-clogging spray tip
  • High solids formulation for bold, bright, visible markings

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs

A03550007 Asphalt Black, A03600007 Clear, A03611007 Red, A03613007 Fluorescent Safety Red, A03614007 Fluorescent Neon Green, A03614007 Fluorescent Purple, A03621007 Blue, A03622007 Fluorescent Hot Pink, A03631007 Green, A03640007 Silver, A03702007 Fluorescent Orange, A03722007 Fluorescent Blue, A03731007 Bright Orange, A03821007 High Visibility Yellow, A03823007 Safety Yellow (Lead Free), A03900007 Utility White, AT3701007 Fluorescent Red/Orange, S03712 Light Blue, S03732000 APWA Orange