Krylon Industrial Acryli-Quik Acrylic Lacquer, Paints- Choice of Colors, Case/6 Cans

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SKU: Acryli-Quik


Krylon Industrial Acryli-Quik Acrylic Lacquer, Paints,12 Oz Aerosol, Case/6 Cans
Krylon® Industrial Acryli-Quik™ (formally Interior/Exterior Paint Original Formula 5-Ball)
Colors listed below
These paints are specifically formulated for industrial maintenance and touch-up applications. Performance is exceptional, and the broad selection includes interior/exterior acrylic lacquers, primers, and specialty paints. Acryli-Quik aerosols provide all of the superior characteristics that customers have come to expect from our brand. We offer high solids, fast-drying times and an excellent appearance. No Runs, No Drips, No Errors!®


  • No recoat window, recoat anytime
  • Dries to touch in 12 minutes
  • Hard, protective, durable finish
  • Colors are High-gloss finish unless otherwise noted in name as Flat, Semi-Flat, Semi-Gloss or Primer
Item # K02101A00 12 oz.Cherry Red
Item # K02108A00 12 oz.Banner Red
Item # K02411A00 12 oz.Safety Orange (Pumpkin)
Item # K01806A00 12 oz.Sun Yellow
Item # K01813A00 12 oz.Daisy Yellow
Item # K02001A0012 oz.Hunter Green
Item # K02016A00 12 oz.Emerald Green
Item # K01901A00 12 oz.Regal Blue
Item # K01910A00 12 oz.Safety Blue
Item # K01913A00 12 oz.Purple
Item # K02504A00 12 oz.Khaki
Item # K01506A00 12 oz.Almond
Item # K02501A00 12 oz.Leather Brown
Item # K01301A00 11 oz Crystal Clear
Item # K01502A00 12 oz.Flat White
Item # K01508A00 12 oz.Semi-Gloss White
Item # K01501A00 12 oz.Gloss White
Item # K01604A00 12 oz.Shadow Gray
Item # K01605A00 12 oz.Stone Gray
Item # K01606A00 12 oz.Pewter Gray
Item # K01608A00 12 oz.Smoke Gray
Item # K01602A00 12 oz.Ultra-Flat Black
Item # K01613A00 12 oz.Semi-Flat Black
Item # K01601A00 12 oz.Gloss Black
Item # K01315A00 12 oz.White Primer
Item # K01314A00 12 oz.Platinum Primer
Item # K01317A00 12 oz.Ruddy Brown Primer
Item # K01318A00 12 oz.Gray Primer
Item # K01316A00 12 oz.Charcoal Black Primer





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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

Almond – K01506A00, Banner Red – K02108A00, Charcoal Black Primer, Charcoal Black Primer, Cherry Red – K02101A00, Crystal Clear, Flat White, Gloss Black – K01601A00, Gloss White – K01501A00, Gray Primer, Hunter Green – K02001A00, Khaki – K02504A00, Leather Brown – K02501A00, Platinum Primer, Purple – K01913A00, Regal Blue – K01901A00, Ruddy Brown Primer, Safety Blue – K01910A00, Semi-Flat Black – K01613A00, Semi-Gloss White – K01508A00, Shadow Gray – K01604A00, Smoke Gray – K01608A00, Sun Yellow – K01806A00, Ultra-Flat Black – K01602A00, White Primer, Black Primer K01316, Pewter Gray K01606, True Blue K01910, Emerald Green K02016