IMPACTO RHINOTUFF Puncture Resistant Insoles, Flexible Stainless Steel Plate, Meets ASTM F2413

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IMPACTO RHINOTUFF® Puncture Resistant Insoles, Flexible Stainless Steel Plate, Meets ASTM F2413


Helpful in the Prevention & Treatment of Repetitive Strain Injuries

IMPACTO RHINOTUFF® Puncture Resistant Insoles

Flexible stainless steel plate protects from accidental puncture wounds. Molded design with heel cup and arch support offers all day support and comfort. Fabric cover wicks away moisture. Used with work shoes and boots.

  • Designed to fit into most types of work boots and shoes
  • Meets minimum force resistance of 270 lbs. as specified in ASTM F2413
  • Stainless steel plate provides protection against puncture wounds to the feet caused by sharp objects such as nails, scrap metal, iron shards and rock
  • Meets minimum force resistance of 270 Lbs. per ASTM F2413
  • Transform low-cost boots and shoes into comfortable, anti-fatigue, puncture resistant footwear for a fraction of the cost associated with high-end work boots
  • Fabric cover wicks away moisture
  • Heel cup and arch support offer improved foot stability to reduce foot, leg & lower back fatigue & pain
  • Comfortable, lightweight and flexible design- Comfortable all day wear
  • Suitable for use in all workplaces and industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, storage, forestry,farming, landscaping, retail trade, airports, government facilities, shipyards, utilities, maintenance facilities, warehousing & fire fighting



Sizing Information

RHINOTUFF Puncture Resistant Insoles

Use Shoe size

Part # USA Men USA Women UK Europe Mexico
RHINOTUFFA 5-6 7-8 4.5-5.5 37-38 4-5
RHINOTUFFB 7-8 9-10 6.5-7.5 39-41 6-7
RHINOTUFFC 9-10 11-12 8.5-9.5 43-44 8-9
RHINOTUFFD 11-12 13-15 10.5-11.5 45-46 10-11
RHINOTUFFE 13-15 12.5-13 47-49 12-13


Additional information

Weight N/A

RHINOTUFFA 5-6 (See Size Chart), RHINOTUFFB 7-8 (See Size Chart), RHINOTUFFC 9-10 (See Size Chart), RHINOTUFFD 11-12 (See Size Chart), RHINOTUFFE 13-15 (See Size Chart)