Utility Pro Wear UHV425 Stain-Resistant ANSI Class 3 Hi Vis Hooded Zip Front Sweatshirt, Tricot Lining with Self Wicking

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Utility Pro Wear UHV425 Stain-Resistant ANSI Class 3 Hi Vis Hooded Sweatshirt Tricot Lining with Self Wicking

Item # UHV425_YB, Lime Yellow / Black Bottom
Item # UHV425_OB, Orange / Black Bottom

ANSI Class 3, Teflon Fabric Stain Protection, soft shell polymide fabric, zip front, black cuffs and bottom

This HI Vis Soft Shell Sweatshirt is Heavier than most, oversized so you can layer this over another sweatshirt and has an extended torso covering a good portion of your Butt. It sheds rain, sleet and snow very well and is much more stain resistant than Hi Vis Fleece


Teflon® fabric protector forms a molecular barrier around each individual fiber. This barrier lowers the critical surface tension of the fabric so it repels most water- and oil-based liquids. Fabrics become water- and oil-repellent without changing the color or feel of the garment.


Liquid spills bead up and roll off, and any residue can be easily wiped away or blotted with a clean cloth. Dry soils can be easily brushed away. Testing has shown fabrics treated with DuPont™ repellent technology dry faster than untreated fabrics.


The ability of DuPont™ Teflon® brand repellents to resist dirt and grime, gives the reflective apparel a higher level of effectiveness for a longer period of time. Also Teflon® fabric protector can mean less washing which adds life to the garment, reduces energy use and extends the reflective properties of the tape.

Quality and Durability Standards

All DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector products must pass stringent brand assurance criteria. These are outlined in the DuPont Global Specifications and Quality Control Tests for Fabrics Treated with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector. We are an industry leader in brand assurance, with thousands of samples tested annually in order to carry the Teflon® brand.

Ideal for Road Construction, Railroad, Security, Roofers and where work environments stain your Hi Vis work wear and garments need to be replaced sooner than later!

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Hi Vis Orange/Blk Bottom, Hi Vis Yellow/Blk Bottom


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