Sprayon EL848 Flash Free Electrical Degreaser S00848000 Aerosol 13-oz. Cans, Case/12

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SKU: SC0848000


Sprayon EL848 Flash Free Electrical Degreaser S00848000 Aerosol 13-oz. Cans, Case/12

Sprayon® EL848 Electrical Degreaser (Flash Free™) Aerosol is a non-flammable, fast-evaporating cleaner that penetrates instantly to remove dirt, oil, grease and wax. Increases the life of electrical components by removing foreign materials that can cause costly downtime. Replaces 1,1,1 Trichloroethylene

  • Leaves no residue
  • Non-flammable and non-corrosive
  • 1,1,1 Trichloroethylene
  • Also available as Sprayon® EL848L Electrical Degreaser (Flash Free™) Non-Aerosol Spray (Liqui-Sol™) which uses no flammable propellants and is reusable & 100% recyclable
Uses: Aluminum cleaning sheet & strip steel prior to galvanizing, electric motors, generator, air tools, brakes, clutches, chains, sprockets, wire rope, relays, radar equipment, material handling equipment, and more.

% VOC = 0.98%
Base Type = Solvent
Color = Colorless
Consistency = Liquid
Dielectric Strength = 37000Volts
Electrical Cleaners = Yes
Energized Equipment Degreasers = Yes
Evaporation Rate = Fast
Film Type = Wet Fluid Film
Flammable = No
Flashpoint = N/A°F
Food Grade NSF Rating = K2
HMIS Rating = 2,0,0
NSF Rating Registration Number = 127501
Plastic Safe = Yes
Plastic Safe Cleaners = Yes
Propellant = CO2
Scent = Mild Solvent
Solvency (KB Value) = 129
Solvent-Based Degreasers = Yes
Specific Gravity = 1.45
Spray Pattern = High Force
Viscosity (Centistokes) = Low
Weight / Gallon = 14.04

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Weight 15 lbs

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