SafeWaze FS-EX330-LERF Portable Leading Edge Roof Reach Anchor

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SafeWaze FS-EX330-LERF Portable Leading Edge Roof Reach Anchor

The SafeWaze Portable Leading Edge Roof Reach is a non-penetrating 2-man anchor that allows for overhead tie-off.

Comes complete with 1,860 lbs of Counter Weights.

Anchor comes with wheels and folds up for easy maneuverability and transport. Ideal for edge work and environments where there is no overhead tie-off.


  • Can break down and telescope to be small enough for easy transportation
  • Modular design makes it a possibility to carry it up in pieces
  • Quick release pin design makes it easier to assemble with no additional tools needed
  • 100 lb. weights have 2 handles for 2 workers to carry with ease
  • Moving handles allow for 4 workers to move the system in a practical manner
  • Large 12” Rubber on cast wheels allows it to roll over debris and make maneuvering it more favorable
  • Saves hours not having to set-up temporary systems
  • Creates less of a tripping hazard than that of a cable lifeline system
  • Reduces swing fall hazards that are present with a lifeline system


Materials Mild grade steel
Weight Without counterweights: 660 lbs. Each counterweight: 99 lbs. With counterweights: 1860 lbs.
Weight Capacity/Max Working Load 2 users with max weight of 310 lbs each with tools and equipment
Length Extended out for use footprint: 12’-8” long x 8’-7” wide x 8’-1” tall Folded up for transporting: 6’ long x 5’ wide x 5’-5” tall
Applicable Standards Meets OSHA 1926-502, ANSI Z359.1, A10.32

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Weight 700 lbs