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CrossFire ES4 Safety Eyewear # 211125 HD Brown Flash Mirror Lens, Crystal Brown Frame

Model# Lens Color Frame Color
211125 HD Brown Flash Mirror Crystal Brown
Other ES4 Styles Available:
21427 Silver Mirror Polarized Crystal Black
2141 Smoke Crystal Black
2123 Silver Mirror Shiny Black
2164 Clear Shiny Pearl Gray
2169 HD Red Mirror Matte Black

Designed for all environments, the ES4 features an adjustable nosepiece, ultralight frame, and 100% visually correct lenses.

The glasses offer a full range of protection from the sun’s rays, resulting in decreased eye injury from the sun. The lenses and frames offer high impact protection per ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards, resulting in protection from impact related eye injuries. Full coverage of the orbital eye area will decrease debris entry and increase impact protection from all angles, resulting in fewer eye injury incidents. The versatile fit and comfort features of this glass will encourage employees to wear their glasses, decreasing the occurrence of eye injury at a reasonable price. Cords, Micro-fiber Bag and Anti-fog accessories are also available.

CrossFire’s High Definition Lens Technology
providesenhanced vision by filtering the most damaging blue raysand allowing for more transmission of the High Definitionlight spectrum.

Before HD After HD


Model Number: 2169
Style: ES4
Lens: HD Brown Flash Mirror
Temple Width: 120mm
Base Curve: 8
Frame: Half Frame
frame color: Crystal Brown
Frame Material: TR-90
Mold Type: Private Mold
% of light that passes through: 22%
Frame Type: Crystal Brown
Features: HD

– The nosepieces are made of TPR, which as non-slip and ultra soft features.
– The lenses are molded at an 8-base curve using Panlite L 1250VX polycarbonate material.
– The lenses are 100% optically correct, ensuring razor-sharp vision from all angles.
– The lenses provide protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Accessories Available –

G3 Adjustable String Cord
G4 Adjustable 3/16″ Woven Cord
FM1 Anti-Fog Spray Lens Cleaner
FM2 Anti-Fog Impregnated Cloth
FM3 Anti-Fog Kit
PL1 Black Micro-fiber Bag

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm