SafeWaze FS-FSP17010-HWA Heavyweight Non-Penetrating Roof Anchor

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SafeWaze FS-FSP17010-HWA Heavyweight Non-Penetrating Roof Anchor

The SafeWaze Heavyweight Anchor is a non-penetrating counter weighted anchor designed for flat roofs that cannot be penetrated.

The anchor is center mounted and swivels with the worker. Designed to be used with self retracting lifelines.


  • Can break down to fit onto a standard 48” x 40” pallet
  • Easy to assemble and break down
  • Non-penetrating rooftop solution
  • Weights are 50 lbs. each allowing the potential for one worker to lift unassisted
  • Temporary non-destructive solution
  • Swivel bracket can accommodate different length SRLs
  • Simple design
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards


Materials Steel plates and hardware
Weight Plates: 50 lbs. each (x16), Mounting Plate: 20 lbs., Swivel Bracket: 11 lbs., Total: 825 lbs.
Weight Capacity/Max Working Load 1 user at maximum 310 lbs. with tools, Connecting SRL must limit fall arrest force to a max of 900 lbs.
Length Footprint: 4’-6” x 3’-3” Each, Weighted Base: 12” x 24”, Mounting Plate: 1’-8” x 2’-2”
Applicable Standards Meets OSHA 1926 Subpart M, ANSI Z359.1

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Weight 840 lbs