Majestic 3435 Dyneema Cut Resistant Knit, Polyurethane Palm Dipped, Color Coded Hem – Box/12 Pairs

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Majestic 3435 Dyneema Cut Resistant Knit, Polyurethane Palm Dipped, Color Coded Hem – Box/12 Pairs

Dyneema® continuous fiber 13-gauge seamless knit with white polyurethane palm coating. Cut resistance equivalent to Kevlar® with 10X greater abrasion resistance*. Dyneema® is chemically inert so it is an excellent choice for food applications where gloves need to be sanitized with chlorinated solutions. Cut Level 3*. Available in sizes:

*See Technical Specs & Extended Information for more info on Cut Level Ratings & Cut Resistance Chart

Customer Testimonial:

Below is a testimonial from James, a metal worker in Oregonwho has experienced first hand the cut resistant properties of theMajestic #3435 Dyneema glove. James clearly believes the glove savedhis hand from serious injury and possible emergency treatment.


James writes…

“Using the Majestic cut-resistantgloves, I was breaking 14ga parts out of a 4’x 8’ steel skeleton. Thisskeleton frame was extremely awkward to handle and the inside cornerswere unusually sharp. I was folding the skeleton in half to throw itaway and part of it fell down onto the top of my left hand. Naturallymy instinct was to pull my hand out but I wasn’t fast enough. The sharpcorner poked into my hand slightly and as I was pulling my hand out ofthe way it dragged across the top of my hand about four inches. I knowfrom past experience, the weight of the skeleton and the sharpness ofthe corner that if I were wearing no gloves, or any other type of gloveit would have cut deeply into my hand I would have had to have beenrushed to the hospital. Instead there wasn’t a mark on my hand and allI had to do was get a new glove and go back to work. I wish I had thesegloves ten years ago when I started working with sheet metal.”


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